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Adderall 30mg is a chemically formulated prescribed formula which is consists on 2 different salts known as Amphetamine and Dextro-Amphetamine within the equal ratio while formulating this medication. Due the stimulatory salts in adderall, it enhances the stimulations in your mind and your brain acts above than average for a time frame according to the dosage. This unique formula is also very helpful in treating Narcolepsy and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder cure. If you wanted to know the after effects in simple words then you can say that after taking the adderall dosage your concentration on anything will increase at its peak and your focus will be like solid rock like.

How To Use Adderall

To take the adderall dosage you must consider your doctor first, although it is not a deadly formula, but the uneven and unmetered usage of adderall could lead you towards harm. The dosage of this formula can vary due to the depending and problem level. Expert doctor also advised, not to take any additional Vitamin C while taking a dose of adderall. Sudden stop of using this medication will also bring you harm, because there is a ratio of salts in it, which can make you a bit addicted to this, so if you have to stop using this formula, then you have to consult your doctor, so he/she can manage your dosage to the none.

Children who are suffering with ADHD, within the ages of 3 to 5 years, the dosage for them is 2.5mg/day, and when the child started showing the moderate behavior you can make changes towards less dosage, then the dosage will be 2.5mg/weekly.

Children who are under the age of 6 years and diagnosed with ADHD, the dosage for them is adderall 5mg in a day or sometime dosage increase with twice a day period too, after the ADHD vanished and the child are becoming normal, and then you can decrease the dosage to 5mg/weekly. For the children with the age of 12 years must be given a 10mg dose per day and it should be decreased with 10mg weekly dosage and then completely off to adderall.

Some Side Effects May Occur

There are some possible side effects which could take place while using adderall, some of them are mentioned below. Keep in mind that the side effects will definitely occur if you do not consult with your doctor before using any dosage of adderall on your own.

Common effects includes:

Pain in Bladder

Bit Blood in Urine

Back pain in lower side


Uncommon effects includes:

You will Get Cold

Repeatedly Fever and Chills

Meaningless Anger and Aggression

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